Classic Architraves and Skirting

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Victorian Architraves, Mouldings & Skirting Profiles

NF - 100x40mm NE - 110x40mm VY - 115x42mm NEA- 105x30mm

HA - 365X40mm YG - 355X42mm HJ - 290x38mm HM - 225X37mm
Two-piece - NE, FG
Sizes range from:
260X40mm to 400X40mm
Two-piece - QQ,QI
Sizes range from:
235X42mm to 400X42mm
Two-piece - ER, CL
Sizes range from:
210X38mm to 400X38mm
Two-piece - VZ, OC
Sizes range from:
190X37mm to 400X37mm

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