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FAQ on Architraves, Mouldings & Skirting Profiles

Q Where can I purchase Classic Architraves and Skirtings products?

On our website, by e-mail order, fax or phone.

Q How do I find the right architrave and skirting combination to suit my needs?

We are here to help, so please phone our design consultants who will only be too happy to help. Our range of products offers an endless stylistic expression that can create individual interiors. We will gladly tailor your dreams to our profiles where excellence is its own reward.

Q What size architraves and skirting best suit my needs?

A key reference to sizing is the proportion of the ceiling and the door heights.

  Ceiling Height Sizing Suggestions for Skirtings
Up to To 2.4m 90-140mm
  To 2.7 m 120-180mm
  To 3.0m 140-220mm
  To 3.6m 180-450mm
  Door Heights Architrave Widths
  2.04m 65-90mm
  2.34m 90-150mm
  2.70m 120-300mm

Q What lengths and thicknesses do our MDF products come in?

All lengths in HMR MDF are 5.4m

Thicknesses available range from 9,12,18,25&32mm with other thicknesses available on request

Q How do you deliver to me?

With pleasure, door-to-door, where ever you are.

Q How much will the architraves and skirtings cost me?

Work out what size you need, and how many lengths and we will get back to you with a competitive costing.

Q What limitations are there?

Only your imagination.

Q How do you paint our products?

Our mouldings are ideally suited to be painted with water-based, acrylic, mineral-based and or 2 pack polyurethane paint products.

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